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A trip to the Arab Book Gallery

  A trip to the Arab Book Gallery   Students of El-Menahil International School have been on a cultural trip to the 6th Arab Book Gallery in Istanbul   El-Menahil School always encourages its students to stay away or reduce the use of social media and replace it with the book (the loyal friend) and the love of reading. In this regard, El-Menahil International School took its students to the International Book Gallery in Istanbul. This cultural trip was a good opportunity for the students to buy some books and get to know the new publications of Arabic literature. It is noteworthy that this exhibition is held annually in Istanbul, but it had stopped during the past two years due to the spread of the Corona epidemic and resumed its activities again this year. The exhibition started on Saturday, October 9, and continues until Sunday, October 17.   For more news in  English  

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